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Competitor Information for the Portland Highland Games

Registration for competing at the Portland Highland Games is now live for:

  • Piping/Drumming
  • Athletics (READ THE UPDATE BELOW – there are some registration limitations)
  • Highland Dancing
  • Fiddle
  • Kilted Mile (Now Open)

Read the rules for your respective competitive categories and…..

Click here to register for the 2017 Portland Highland Games Competition

We’ll see you in July.


Heavy Athletics


Athletes, please be aware, due to miss-registration in past years, the following classes require an access code in order to register:

  • Elite Men
  • Elite Women
  • Master Men 40-49
  • Men A
  • Men B
  • Men Light
  • Women B
  • Master Women 40-49

To be pre-screened for these classes and receive an access code, email the Heavy Athletics Competition Coordinator, Kaelyne Mowell at Access codes will be given in the order of email requests received, starting at 12:00 AM, 4/3/17.

All other classes can register normally, without access codes.



  • Fiddle Rules
  • Fiddle Schedule (coming soon)
  • Fiddle Results (coming soon)

Kilted Mile

  • Registration now open.
  • The race will happen after Welcoming Ceremony. Approximately 12:30-1:00PM
  • Kilt and shoes required through the entire race.
  • Must be able to complete 1-mile race in under 12 minutes.
  • Only 35 racers allowed. Sign up now.