Pre-Game Events: Heavy Athletics and Piobaireachd

One of the newer additions to the annual Portland Highland Games is the Friday “pre-game” events featuring heavy athletics (amateur competitions) and the prestigious piobaireachd piping competition.

$5 special admission does apply to these, and tickets are purchased at the door only.

Friday Athletic Competition

Heavy Athletics at the Portland Highland Games

Come support our amateur athletes as the learn the techniques for Highland Heavy Athletics. Some of these athletes have been preparing all year for this competition, while others are learning the ropes and the cabers for the first time. From the hammer throw to the caber toss, these amateur competitors will be trying their hardest to best their rivals and their own records.

All Friday athletics events will be held on the MHCC upper field.

Piobaireachd Competition

On Friday night, some of the best bagpipers in the region will be competing in what is considered the highest and most difficult form of bagpiping music: Piobaireachd. This form of music starts with a theme, or “ground”, on which variations are gradually built upon. At the level of competition which will be showcased on Friday night, each competitor will submit a list of least three tunes, from which the adjudicator will select the one they wish to hear. Each tune can be anywhere from 4 to 15 minutes long.

With each song lasting minutes, every performance is a demonstration of not only their ability to correctly express the music but the ability of the musician to control their instrument. Bagpipes are notoriously susceptible to environmental changes which can have drastic effects on the tuning of the instrument over the time required to play Piobaireachd.

We hope you’ll join us on Friday night for an evening of amazing music. Event is held at the MHCC Theater.