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Whisky Tasting at the Portland Highland Games

Whisky Tasting - Portland Highland GamesThe popular Whisky Tasting is once again a part of the Portland Highland Games. This event allows you to expand your knowledge and appreciation of Whisky (Scotch and more). You’ll learn what contributes to the diversity, and you’ll taste examples from several regions.

Please note: purchase of the Whisky Tasting does not include admissions into the games. You will need to also purchase admission tickets to access the Whisky Tent.

This is a special segment of the Games and tickets/RSVPs are needed (space is limited), and of course, this is a 21 and over only activity.

2017 Whisky Tasting Sessions

CORRECTION: Due to a scheduling conflict, the first Whisky Tasting has been moved back a half-hour from 11:30 AM to 11:00 AM. If you have already purchased tickets for this session, we will be in contact with you shortly to make any corrections and accommodations you may require.

  • 11:00 AM Beginning Whisky Tasting – $50
    (Discounted rate due to it being prior to Noon, but a real Scot drinks Whisky anytime of day, right?)
  • 1:30 PM Beginning Whisky Tasting – $60
  • 3:30 PM Advanced Whisky Tasting – $75

Get your tickets for Whisky Tasting with your Admission Tickets

Whisky Tasting and Admission Tickets

Two Different Types of Tastings

Beginning Session – this is an introduction into the world of Whisky. This session includes an overview of Whisky, its diversity in flavor and a little history. Plus, you’ll learn how to properly taste Whisky.

Advanced Session – So you’ve been through a few Whisky tastings and it’s time to get a more in-depth, robust look at the Spirit of Scotland. This session is for those who have knowledge in Whisky, and know how to taste it.

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Whisky Tasting - Portland Highland Games