Entertainment and Demonstrations

2024 Entertainment is to be announced but take a look at what 2023 looked like!

Don Anderson – Genealogist

In 2016, Don Anderson presented, “From Native American to Scottish” during the Portland Highland Games.  His primary message was how genetic genealogy is an effective tool in breaking through Brick Walls existing in family trees.  Don was adopted and was successful in finding both of his birth parents – his mother in 2001 by means of a birth certificate and his father through DNA testing. Since then he finished his book entitled, Paper And Spit: Family Found: How DNA and Genealogy Revealed My First Parents’ Identity.

Don is a life long resident of Oregon and the book has many references to our state and his journey from believing he was Native American to Irish and finally learning of his Scottish heritage.  His family were the founders of the Tillamook Cheese factory and the cheddar recipe is still used today.

At the 2018 Portland Highland Games, he will share his story to promote DNA testing and encouraging people to look into their own genetic past.  hi will not be selling DNA testing, but rather advising attendees which tests would be right for them.

Channing Dodson/Bob Soper

 HANNING DODSON (Scottish smallpipes, uilleann pipes, flute) started playing Scottish bagpipes in his teens with Jay Salter in California. Over the years, he has also studied piping with Scottish gold medalists James McColl and Allan MacDonald of Glenuig. A summer in Ireland led to taking up the uilleann pipes, and Channing has gone on to perform on stage with some of Ireland’s greatest musicians, including Kevin Burke, Paddy Keenan, and Paddy O’Brien.

BOB SOPER (fiddle, vocals, bouzouki & guitar) is counted among Portland’s most astonishingly versatile multi-instrumentalists. A rock and jazz drummer from a young age who also studied classical Indian percussion at the Ali Akbar College of Music in San Rafael CA, he went on to learn the Irish fiddle, ultimately becoming one of the Northwest’s most sought-after players. Bob has been a member of some of the region’s most beloved and successful folk ensembles, including the Irish bands Cúl an Tí and Grafton Street, as well as the old-time/country blues group The Pagan Jug Band. He currently performs solo at Kells bar & restaurant in downtown Portland.

Biddy on the Bench

Consisting of fiddle, guitar, Irish pipes, flute, and voices both powerful and poignant, Portland folk quartet Biddy on the Bench has been helping share the music and history of people from the Celtic nations, England, and The United States for nearly a decade.  Maeve Cotter and Kevin Grgurich bring harmony and humor to traditional and contemporary folk songs. The two share their vocal talents and their historical knowledge of songs in the Irish, Gaelic, Breton, and Welsh languages as well as flaunt their ability to deftly corrupt the English language.  Casey Dyer and Trevor Cormack supply the rich timbre of Irish pipe and fiddle to accompany a ballad or incite some toe tapping with a quick tune. All these elements come together in a dynamic repertoire ranging from ballads and pipe airs to pub classics and jigs.

The Katie Jane Band

Virtuosic Celtic fiddling and driving acoustic guitar blend for a high-energy performance by the Katie Jane Band. The dynamic duo, Katie Jane and Adam Easley, create an atmosphere of pure joy as their contagious smiles and dynamic music dance their way into the hearts of listeners of all ages. Don’t miss the Katie Jane Band’s fiery performance of traditional and original Celtic fiddle tunes that will lift your spirit and leave you wanting more! www.katiejaneband.com

Golden Bough

Golden Bough

Long before the popularity of Celtic Women & Celtic Thunder and long before Celtic became a household word, Golden Bough was bringing their style of Celtic music to fans throughout the United State and Europe. Since 1980 Golden Bough has been delighting audiences with their unique renditions of the Celtic music of Ireland & Scotland. Besides their many years of touring, these modern day minstrels have recorded over 30 albums. Their latest release, “Westering Home”, embodies the music and the spirit of those who have traveled away from  their homeland.

With a dazzling array of acoustic instruments; Celtic harp, guitar, violin, viola, penny-whistle, octave-mandolin, accordion, and bodhran, and a haunting vocal style, Margie Butler, Paul Espinoza and Kathy Sierra capture the essence and joy of traditional folk music and captivate audiences with the uniqueness of their sound.