Scottish Clans and Genealogy at the Portland Highland Games

Visit the Clan Tents and Connect with your Scottish Roots

As late as the early 19th century, the social system of the Scottish Highlands was based on an extended family unit, the clan. Members were bound together and to the land by geography, personal loyalty to their chief and fierce pride in the history and lineage of their ancestors. The clans will be colorfully festooned with heraldic banners, clan tartans and replicas of ancient armaments, and equipped with sept lists and reference literature. Find the clan members eager to share their knowledge of family history with you and their pride in its traditions, and to offer every possible help and encouragement to those seeking to trace their family roots.

Are you interested in your Clan being represented at the Portland Highland Games? Send an email to for information.

Scottish Clans at the Portland Highland Games
Scottish Clans at the Portland Highland Games
Geneology at the Portland Highland Games

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