Whisky Tasting at the Portland Highland Games

Whisky TastingThe popular Whisky Tasting is once again a part of the Portland Highland Games. This event allows you to expand your knowledge and appreciation of Whisky (Scotch and more). You’ll learn what contributes to the diversity, and you’ll taste examples from several regions.

Please note: purchase of the Whisky Tasting does not include admissions into the games. You will need to also purchase admission tickets to access the Whisky Tent.

This is a special segment of the Games and tickets/RSVPs are needed (space is limited), and of course, this is a 21 and over only activity.

2019 Whisky Tasting Sessions

10:30 a.m. – Meet the Maker with Westward Whiskey (cost: $50)

1:00 p.m. – Beginner Whisky Tasting Session hosted by the Highland Stillhouse(cost: $65)

3:00 p.m. – Advanced Whisky Tasting Session hosted by the Highland Stillhouse(cost: $85)

Time/Details subject to change.

Three Different Types of Tastings

Meet the Maker – Take a deep dive into the world of single malt whiskey. Celebrate American single malt with a deep dive into our whiskey making process. Taste each step as we show you how to turn grain into delicious American single malt whiskey from locally grown barley to stuff fresh from the barrel. You’ll taste Westward whiskey in each stage of the whiskey making process and learn what makes single malt so special. We will analyze the different production processes and how they impact the flavor of single malts from around the world, all while sipping on Westward American Single Malt made in Portland, Oregon.

Beginning Session – With Mick Secor from the Highland Stillhouse as your guide, this is an introduction into the world of Whisky. This session includes an overview of Whisky, its diversity in flavour, and a little history. Plus, you’ll learn how to properly taste Whisky.

Advanced Session – So you’ve been through a few Whisky tastings and it’s time to get a more in-depth, robust look at the Spirit of Scotland. This session is for those who have knowledge in Whisky, and know how to taste it. Mick Secor will help you refine your palette and make the most of your spirits.

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Whisky vs Whiskey…does spelling matter?

Whisky typically refers to Scotch whereas Whiskey usually represents similar Irish and American spirits.

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